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Quartz White Mosaics

Quartz White Mosaics

How to Order

This tile is sold by the sheet.  You need to work out how many sheets you require to cover the area you want to tile.  Once you have worked this out simply use the plus quantity button below to enter that number.


Product Code: 11089
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£23.00 /per sheet

Saving: £5.50 /per sheet
£17.50 /per sheet
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Calculate Area

Enter the dimensions of your walls
  Height   Width   Measurement      
Wall 1 X   = 0 m2
Wall 2 X   = 0 m2
Wall 3 X   = 0 m2
Wall 4 X   = 0 m2
            Total: 0 m2
Enter the dimensions of your floors
  Depth   Width   Measurement      
Floor 1 X   = 0 m2
Floor 2 X   = 0 m2
Floor 3 X   = 0 m2
Floor 4 X   = 0 m2
            Total: 0 m2
Total area size: 0 m2

Pencil brick mosaic with a mixture of black quartz and a range of metalic inserts . These are sold per sheet and the sheets are 30cm x 30cm. These stunning mosaics are perfect for adding a dash of colour or creating a luxurious look.

Colour White
Size 30cm x 30cm